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Travel Click firm goes bust on busiest week of year for holidaymakers
He is a regular guest on national TV, often seen on BBC Breakfast, Daybreak, ITV News and Sky News ... Travel Click had been running for five years from premises in Enfield, north London. The company advertised "Luxury holidays to Dubai, Vegas, Florida ...
Top 12 tips to travel right
Travelling abroad requires careful planning. Unless, of course, you are one of those carefree backpackers who can head out at a moment's notice. If not, then brush up on these helpful tips to travel right... 1. While on long flights, make sure ...
Travel demand drops due to Ramadan, not virus
Dubai: Fears of contracting the SARS-like coronavirus called MERS-CoV have so far not led to cancellation of business and leisure travel to the UAE, but the tourism sector has experienced a subdued demand in July. Booking agents admitted that there has ...
Making Travel Connections Online
You sign up with your Facebook account and then, like a dating site, create a profile ... what members say with things published about them elsewhere online and in public records. Consider Skyping a few times before agreeing to check into ...
Sharks, Coyotes to travel most miles next season
The release of the NHL schedule is an exciting day for fans, but it’s one where teams can look ahead to see how many miles they’ll be logging on the road. For some teams, that means spending a bit more time in airports than others.
Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 Rows of Four Economy Seats
Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 Rows of Two Economy Seats
Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 Rows of Three Economy Seats
190,000 Frequent Flyer Points
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Philippine Airlines adopts Amadeus technology
Philippine Airlines (PAL) has selected a new series of new business intelligence tools to help manage its expansion. The national carrier, which recently announced its intention to resume flights to Europe, has decided to roll out solutions from the ...
Do airlines even care about their websites?
I wonder if the airlines are even looking at the fallout from the poor customer experience of their booking websites, which, if not actually prevalent, are way too common, according to the feedback received by this blog – and state consumer affairs ...
Travel Troubleshooter: Are "custom" airfares a good idea?
Should your airline be allowed to offer you a customized ticket? That's the intriguing and somewhat thorny question being raised by the worldwide airline industry through a little-known proposal called Resolution 787 — not to be confused with ...
NYC Public Advocate threatens to prevent Saudi Arabian Airlines from landing at JFK
First reported by the New York Post, a sting operation by de Blasio’s staff uncovered that Saudi Arabian Airlines’ online ticket service does not have an option for “Israel” when a customer is asked to choose nationality during the ...
Analysis of airline travel shows international vulnerability to MERS
Khan says there may be international ... their analysis of airline traffic out of the four MERS source countries in the journal PLoS Currents Outbreaks. They report that nearly 17 million travellers flew on commercial flights out of Saudi ...
Airline Stocks Aren't Running Out Of Runway
we don’t see many small competitors fighting US Airways for gate space. The powerhouse dominates the gates at PHL, forcing niche airlines to fly out of smaller airports, such as Atlantic City International Airport, Harrisburg International ...